Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Freedom Calls - Chapter 4

Lunar Mining Facility US1487 - May 29, 2117

The netcom streams information in rapid fashion ruling out hundreds of variables that I requested it test and at the end of the list lies the very last variable, my worst fear sabotage. "Son of a bitch, someone has been purposefully tweaking the power system to create a minute boost of energy at the moment of the drop," I exclaim in muted tones while squeezing your hand even harder. "It would have been much easier if it were simply as glitch, but this complicates things in a big way. If I let this out it will shut it down and the company will lose the contract and who knows where we will end up. We have to keep this quiet until we can figure out how to identify who and how they are doing this," I say shaking my head. "So what does this mean, there's a launch in four days you can't let another million people die because you want to be sure, we must stop it." you raise your voice a little to express urgency. "I know but we need to pinpoint how they are doing it. Now that I know what they are doing I can run a simulation that will show me how and I think we can stop it in time. I need coffee as much as you can scrounge up and I will be in my bunk sick for my shift so I can get this done."I bark as I type in more parameters for the launch power system controls and start to formulate the algorithm for simulation. I stop turn to you and give you a long and luxurious kiss on the lips while holding your face gently in my hands and say, "I will stop this. I promise you." You look me in the eyes and say "I know you will but I am scared."

You slide back the curtain and return to the dim light of the bunk general area heading to the mess hall with my coffee sack on your hip. You pause to grab your own looking back and smiling before sliding down the ladder and disappearing below. I lock my curtain and take a deep breath enjoying the smell of you that lingers in my bunk before getting back to finding out how someone can hack a trillion dollar launch system without being detected.

Time is now measured solely by cycles of simulations and the ever looming launch of Pioneer Drop Ship Icarus. I have eliminated numerous variables and am rapidly eating up time when you stop by to check on me after my second missed shift. "Look if you don't take a break you will get sick so finish up you current sim and come with me to the showers to clean up get some solid food and a little company," you say with a firm but caring voice. I let you drag me from my bunk and my lack of sleep and shaving helps my sick alibi just fine as the rest of the crew start jeering me with comments like 'Dead man walking!'. I laugh as I let you lead me to the shower cubes and sleep on my feet as you use your own and my two days of shower ration to scrub me clean. I of course react positively to your hands all over my body with a rock hard erection which you expertly handle with a little extra scrubbing. I waste no time using the lunar gravity to my full advantage by lifting you up and sliding your naked body down the front of mine until my erection is now poised to enter your sweet wet pussy. I slowly lower you onto me enjoying every moment of penetration. My hands slide from your hips to your ass and I pull you up and down in a slow and deliberate rhythm while I nibble on your neck. My resistance to your charms is low and it doesn't take me long to whisper in your ear that I am close. You lean back and brace your feet on the wall behind me as your right hand slide down between us and to your clitoris. Your left hand lifts your breast to  my mouth as I suck and nibble on your very delicious nipple. The visual stimulation and the slow grind of our copulation is having the desired effect as we both reach orgasm in a pile of wet satiated flesh on the tiny floor of our cubicle shower.

Once again I am blown away by your generosity as a lover and tell you so. "Come on let's get you fed so you can save the future colonists of some distant rock in need of some human parasites." You help me to my feet and when the door cycles open there are four armed company security agents waiting for us. "Get dressed and follow us!" they demand as we tumble into the locker room.

Freedom Calls - Chapter 3

Lunar Mining Facility US1487 - May 29, 2117

Reliving the memory has made me hard for you and when you pull back my curtain I could tell something was off. You hopped in and said. "We need to talk about the bonus days and what this means to us."

Your tone was nervous and your cheeks slightly red as you recalled you meeting with Company suits regarding our crews performance as of late and how they want to reward you for creating and maintaining an outstanding team. "They have given me ten days to hand out to our six man crew and they have also given me ten days. We won't be in lock step anymore unless we come clean about our relationship and I don't know what impact that will have on either one of us. I am afraid of losing you and don't know what to do." You grabbed me a hard and held on tight. I stroke your hair and kiss your cheek as I pull back and say, "Don't worry it will work out. I have an idea on how we can lock in our dates and use our extra time to make our pioneer trip even better."

"I don't know how but please make me feel better. Do you want to be with me or is this just a fling to keep you from being bored before you start your new life,"you drop on me like a ton of ore. "What are you talking about?! have been nothing but sincere from the beginning and you need to relax and listen to my plan which has always been about you and me and a beautiful homestead on a blue river with a garden a few chickens and most certainly a million miles to our nearest neighbor." I reply looking you right in the eyes and kissing you in between my description of our future life together. One tear rolls down your cheek as I hug you close and tight before I start describing my plan.

"Listen, I have become fast friends with a few guys in trip logistics and they are telling me of sporadic success of certain drop points well ahead of the public finding out. They were losing 1 out of every 6 pioneer drops to glitches, gremlins or just plain bad data. Well they are getting worse this last month it was one out of every three. These odds are not something I like and will not be risking my sweet little pussycat doll on. So before I took on this glamorous job I used to dabble in creative problem solving so I asked them to upload to me all of the data they have on the previous failures and the current failures. Well it was a lot of crap but since I am not an expert on any specific set of functions I was able to look at from a different angle. I think I have solved the issue but I need to apply my theory to a few more simulation cycles before revealing my solution. If it works we will have pick of the fleet in both gear and destination. I told you my insomnia would eventually pay off." I felt tremendous relief being able to share this with you.

"Your insomnia and distractions have made me carry your sorry ass out there for weeks," you razz me,"but if what you say is true. It will be a life changer. I am glad to hear you say it I know that I am being silly but affirmation sometimes needs to be delivered in other ways than just sex. How can I help?" I look you square in the eye and say, "These moments we have been able to have are the driving force behind me getting this done. I have been literally dreaming of tonight all day...""Enough already you big baby," You say pushing me back on my bunk. You immediately pull my boxers off and grab hold of my stiffening cock licking the tip gently and nibbling the rim as you giggle out loud. I fall back and shiver as you send a chill up and down my spine with your mouth. I watch intently as you slowly lick and suck my manhood in and out of your mouth. I am absolutely enthralled by your deliberate efforts to make me melt in the middle. You sit back and peel your tank top off revealing your delicious 36-Cs to add to you bag of tricks. You lean over and rub your erect nipple across my cock pinching them a little to share in the excitement. Your mouth once again envelops my cock as you stroke my shaft up and down. Between your hand mouth and the sexy show your putting on I cannot take this much longer. You sense my impending explosion and increase your pace as I release a sweet orgasm deep in you mouth and you further excite me by cooing a soft Mmmmm following my completion. I am once again transported to a place of peace as a result of your expertise in pleasing me orally.

I look you up and down and lick my lips as I slide you onto you back letting my hands cup your face and kissing you gently on the mouth. My tongue draws tiny circles on your cheek and down to your neck as I bite you just enough to see goose bumps appear across your skin. I continue to kiss and lick my way down to your sweet and sexy breasts as I take your nipples in my mouth and flick my tongue across them while holding them in my teeth. My journey continues down your stomach to the top of your pleasure mound. I kiss my way around to your thigh to nibble and tease as you open your legs wide giving my mouth access to you sweet and moist pussy. I let my lips, tongue and mouth explore every fold of your womanhood as you writhe in pleasure under my attention. You moan with approval as I suck on your now very erect clitoris. My hand slides up to you leg to allow me to enter your gently with my fingers. As the juices flow down my chin I could care less about a homestead or any other far off place this is where I find peace by pleasing you. My left hand circles your thigh and reaches up to play with your fleshy orbs of pleasure. I grab your hand and encourage you to play with the other and you oblige pulling your nipple to your mouth and sucking on them in rhythm to my sucking of your clit. I press gently upward with my finger finding that you g-spot as I continue my thrusting in and out of your very hot vagina. I can feel you tighten up as you battle your own body for control, I whisper gently, "Let go and enjoy," before returning my mouth to your love button. You push further back into my bed as you let the orgasm overtake you in a rapture of pleasure. Your body convulses and you moan out my name as you beg me to stop so you can catch your breath. I release you as I kiss my way up your body and lie next to you and kiss you gently as I stare into your eyes.

"You inspire me to be better man and I also have been using our entire crews netcom cycles to run my simulations so you have been helping me all along." My pillow talk is interrupted by a signal from the netcom that it has completed the latest simulation. "Here's the moment of truth," I say squeezing you hand in mine before swiping my finger across the screen.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Freedom Calls - Chapter 2

Lunar Mining Facility US1487 - May 28, 2117

You leave the shower cube first and I wait a few minutes so we can at least keep up appearances we dress quietly glowing in our few moments of intimacy before we join the crowds of miners at the mess hall for dinner. You leer at me for a change as I slip on my clean boxer briefs covering my semi-erection still sensitive from your gentle touch. I take my time getting dress flexing my arms as  pull on my t-shirt knowing that you are watching me. I turn and see you smile and giggle as you slip on a pair of cute little pink, yellow, purple and white strip bikini panties before sliding on your pants and winking as you go bra less in a tight tank top. I can see by your erect nipples that my little show has peaked your interest.

We make our way to our assigned table with what the Company calls dinner and jam ourselves in with the rest of the gang. A few whispers go quiet as we join the crew and you immediately address the gang. "So what's going on that makes you all suddenly shut up when your superior shows up, and I mean that in every way!" you bark at the table. Reggie, the self appointed town cryer of our little crew spills the scuttle butt, "We hear that there giving away days to crews that are beating their quota's and we have been outdoing them for at least two quarter's now. Where's our days?" He raises his voice but bows his head in anticipating your response. "Look," you say, " if there giving days I would know and so would you but I haven't gotten any word from the Company about any bonus days yet. I am only as good as my crew and I have had to work hard to make you guys as good as me." you deliver with confidence and authority. Your tough but fair attitude has always given you loyalty to those that work for you but has also pissed a few slackers off thinking they can slide on reputation or politics.

I am relieved to hear that because as of right now you and I are in lockstep for our pioneer drop date. If you get a bonus that could interfere with my plans to ask you to be my supervisor for life or until we are eaten by some extraterrestrial animal on our new home world. As we eat I am once again taken in by your smile your wit and your beautiful eyes. I as usual provide the sarcastic and dry wit that everyone expects at dinner but I excuse myself early to work out a little stiffness that the shower couldn't wash away. You roll your eyes the way that you do when I drop a little inside joke on you but I see you gather your plate as I look back throught the hatch into the overcrowded mess hall. I hurry to my bunk and smile to myself hoping you will soon arrive. Our bunks are similar to the shower cubes only horizontal instead. Room for you a shelf for some personal effects, netterm for entertainment and little else. Each bunk has a heavy fabric curtain that can be locked from either the inside or out by biometric lock. I leave mine open awaiting your return. As I lie in the dark I remember our first encounter 6 months earlier.

You were senior crew on another gang but our shifts coincided so we had mess, shower and rec time in synch and we became fast friends. I enjoyed your laugh, your smile and your energy. I made you laugh and we commiserate on the rock busters life and dreamed about the future of our pioneer drop date. The possibilities endless the work brutally tough but it will all be worth it. The one rec break after we found ourselves alone on a remote section of the hydrofarm a kiss that turn into a passionate moment of release. We both lost ourselves in each others arms allowing the whole universe to go dark and the only thing that mattered was the touch of your lips to mine. Our embrace broke and we both were giddy with our new found pastime of stealing moments to make out and eventually turn those moments into more. That happened right here in my bunk two months later, You had just been told that your were going to be promoted to super and we celebrated a few drinks later we are in my bunk tearing each others clothes off. I pushed you back and slid down between your legs, "Since you are now my superior I must now submit to your whims. May I please my mistress with my mouth." I tease as I kiss you cute little pink cheetah panties. "You will please me with great enthusiasm and gusto and I mean now." you tease with a command and a little pull on my head directly to your now moistened panties.

I slide them off and kiss and nibble around the object of my desire as you wiggle on my bunk. "Now I said", you snap and I obey your command licking your now exposed pussy from bootom to top ending up on your very erect clitoris which I suck into my mouth and gently between my teeth. I concentrate my tongue and mouth on your love button while my hands slide up your legs to your opening and your moisture allows my finger to slide gently into you as I begin to fuck you with my finger. The teasing these past few month has made you very receptive to my actions and it doesn't take long for your to start to moan and groan your approval on your way to a very well deserved orgasm. I can feel your pussy tighten on my finger as you start to reach a climax and I increase the pace of my sucking to match the speed of my finger. I look up and your eyes are tightly closed and your hands are squeezing your breasts tight with your nipples rolling under your fingers in time with my hand between your legs. I hold on tight as you reach climax and your powerful muscles clamp down on my hand and you cry out in ecstasy as you let the pleasure take you. As you release me from your grip I smile to myself as kiss my way up to your mouth and we hold a long and passionate kiss while I slide gently into you. You warn me to go slow its still sensitive, but I am so aroused by your orgasm that I cannot help but increase my speed. You squeeze me tight as I pump in and out of you and I whisper in your ear how proud I am of you and how unbelievably sexy you are before I bite your neck and tell you to hold on tight because I am going to cum any minute now. You grab me tighter and rock your hips to meet my thrusts this only pushes me further over the edge and I groan as I finish in a fitful explosion of passion, collapsing onto you. We kissed and smiled as we had now moved to the next level and it was wonderful.

Reliving the memory has made me hard for you and when you pull back my curtain I could tell something was off. You hopped in and said. "We need to talk about the bonus days and what this means to us."

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Freedom Calls - Chapter 1

Lunar Mining Facility US1487 - May 28, 2117

"Another day another 22 hours closer to freedom," I shout as I pull off my minesuit helmet and catch a whiff of recycled air in the locker room. I am here on a 3 year program where I will earn passage to a new world in exchange for mining He3 for use in the fusion reactors orbiting Earth. They send power to help maintain the massive thirst for energy that 18 Billion humans have. One of those reactors is special, a new design so powerful that it can open a worm hole and send settlers through, allowing humans to leave behind the bonds of Sol and find room to grow under a new star. It's expensive and risky and a helluva lot better then living in a slum in NJ making minimum and eating canned beans. I had to wait five years for my chance but my number came up and now I am 6 months away from a fully paid for seat on a settlers drop ship, a massive one way space ship design to carry 500,000 people and the gear necessary to tame a wild alien planet.

"At your pace it will take 22 years, slug", you reply as your helmet slides off. My shift leader, a woman tough as nails to work for but makes it as fun as mining can be by busting balls while making sure everything we need to do a good job is in place. I have seen her rip a procurement guys head off for not having the right equipment at the right time for our crew. She's also sexy as hell. These suits are supposed to keep you cool in the sun but are barely adequate and often its over 40C in here and you sweat like a marathon man so you tend to wear as little as possible so when she pulls that suit off I am always leering across the locker room to check out her collection of wild thongs and today was no different purple lace with pink zebra stripes. My boxers were threatening to make a tent so I had to tear my stare away. "So looks like mining agrees with you as she slapped my ass on the way to the showers," you blurt out making me jump and in low gravity I can't hide it. Everyone laughs and I immediately turn beet red grabbing my towel and heading to the shower behind you while the rest of the crew laughs at my expense.

As we round the corner to take a well deserved solar heated shower of newly recycled water, I grab your arm and give you a look. As we reach the last stall you shove me in and follow, "Look if this is going to work you are going to have to take a little extra busting so people don't think I am favoring you. Don't worry I will sooth your busted balls in other ways." you smile and help me out of my sweaty boxers as I reach down and relieve you of your sweet little thong. The first short blast of soapy water covers us in bubbles as we scrub each other down. I take my time enjoying the curve of your lower back that leads to your sweet, round ass which I soap with care reaching as deep as you let me before you giggle and wiggle away. You let your hands glide over my shoulders and down my arms gently squeezing my biceps before crossing your arms behind you and rubbing my now erect cock. I turn you around to let the next blast of water hit your hair which I gently rub into lather while staring into your eyes. "Stop that or else!" you say with a stern but gentle tone as your arms soap up my back and down to my ass. You grab hold and pull me in my erection sliding up your stomach on the soapy bubbles covering our bodies. The next blast of water is our last and we kiss as it rains down on us enjoying the solitude of our little cubicle shower on a cramped mining box on the moon dreaming of our future on some far away world with freedom, space and especially privacy.